AirTrack Factory Training Set

AirTrack Factory Training Set

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Included in this set:

1 x AirFloor 3 X 1M

2 x AirBoard

1 x AirBlock

1 x AirRoll 60cm


The set works perfectly for all floor exercises and all tumbling passes. Stack the AirBoards and AirBlock using the Velcro connectors and create endless training variations. Use the AirBoard as a spring board and the AirRoll for balance exercises or learning flips.

Great for Martial arts, Stunts, Senior gyms, Elementary gym and Physiotherapy.

Inflating the entire set using the foot pump takes less than 5 minutes! With the help of the built-in manometer you’ll always have your preferred pressure! An OV10 blower (optional) can speed up the inflation. Add a transport bag for easy storage and transport!


** Products may not not include black border around seams **

Blower (not included)

Foot pump or OV10 blower

Storage volume

120 x 40 x 40 cm

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