'Goliath' Octagon 16' X 24' Trampoline
'Goliath' Octagon 16' X 24' Trampoline
'Goliath' Octagon 16' X 24' Trampoline
'Goliath' Octagon 16' X 24' Trampoline

'Goliath' Octagon 16' X 24' Trampoline

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100% Canadian made and manufactured trampolines from SK.

Our signature, record breaking trampoline! The Goliath has been used and endorsed by pros in Canada and the US. This extra large trampoline offers more space to do more tricks, still giving a better bounce than most large trampolines on the market.

With a range of sizes and shapes, Canada Trampolines offers a wide range of performance trampolines for domestic and commercial use. So whether you are looking for a great backyard bounce or professional grade installations, we’ve got you covered.

Working with the very best materials from our suppliers to ensure a durable long lasting product that delivers performance bounce after bounce.


- 2" thick x 15" wide safety pads with 20 x 1" webbing buckles

- 8 x spring loops

- Friction fit side skirting


- 6 main rails with 3" joints

- Corrugated rod welded on for additional support & convenient spring attachment

- 6 legs interlock the frame rails


- 2" seat belt tabs

- Reinforced edging


Made from high quality Permatron fabric with 10 rows of uv-stabilised polyester stitching

G Booster

Black poly bed made with Grade A, High Airflow Permatron fabric



Long throw 9" springs made from .128" wire have tapered ends to prevent hook damage

G Booster

The 10" Competition spring will give a softer and deeper bounce with a higher lift. Great to progress beyond a standard back garden trampoline

– 12 gauge 2.38″ galvanised
– 800lbs
– 2000lbs