Large AirBlock 2m x 1m P3 (Clearance)

Large AirBlock 2m x 1m P3 (Clearance)

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This is a refurbished single piece item that was part of the AirBox set (P3).

AirTrack dimensions:

2.0 x 0.96 x 0.30 M (77" x 38 x 10")

This item is light and easy to inflate and use for a number of sports and activities...

School Sports


The AirBox is the ideal vault box; soft, adjustable in height and easy to move around. Add a minitramp for extra fun!


Gymnastics & Cheer


Remove the barrier of fear by training on the AirBox instead of the Pegasus. When combined with an AirTrack, the AirBox offers endless options for methodical exercises in combination.


Tip: the AirBox also functions as a flexible platform from which you can help your athletes with uneven bar exercises.




Play around with these light-weight, stackable blocks to create creative set-ups in your gym!

Inflating the entire set using the included foot pump takes less than 5 minutes! With the help of the built-in manometer you’llvalways have your preferred pressure! An OV10 blower (optional) can speed up the in-/deflation. Add a transport bag for easy storage and transport!

Blower (not included)

Foot pump or Hitachi blower

Storage volume

54 x 38 x 38 cm


In stock! Ships within 1-2 days.


Clearance item description:

Class A -10%: This item has light use, but has no visible signs of damage or wear.  The item is fully operational and functions as intended. Our warranty is still applicable to this item. Item may also come re-packaged, not in the original packaging.