AirTrack Factory AirIncline Set (2pc) Clearance

AirTrack Factory AirIncline Set (2pc) Clearance

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Included in this set

1 pc AirIncline 5 x 2 x 1.10-0.20 m

1 pc AirBlock P3 1 x 2 x 0.30 m

AirIncline Set

This set is brand new. The set is discounted as the P1 5X2m does not come with this set.

The AirIncline Set is also known as ‘the Accelerator’. In just two steps, enough speed is generated to practice aerial moves. By using the AirIncline substantially less energy is required than a regular run-up. Besides a reduction in used energy, the lowered body impact allows you to practice your reps at least five times more often and faster than you’re used to!


This set requires an OV10 blower for the AirFloor and AirBlock and a Hitachi blower for the AirIncline.

Storage volume

110 x 75 x 50 cm (3 x small transport bags included)


This item does NOT include the AirFloor P1.

This item is brand new and not used.

In stock! Ships within 1 working day.